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EFP provides fuel injection parts. The parts are suitable for heady duty diesel engines, commercial vehicles and agriculture machinery. The fuel injection components are highly critical for your engine performance and efficiency. Our parts are manufactured for exacting precision and durability. The products are manufactured with micro-finishing processing which provides high precision at submicron level. EFP fuel injection components are interchangeable to the genuine products.




EFP nozzles are manufactured with high precision. They can effectively withstand the high demands of diesel engines. Their spray hole is perfectly drilled to provide equalized fuel flow for combustion

  1. S Type 
  2. P Type 
  3. CR Nozzles
  4. Pintle


EFP injectors are manufactured to provide precise amount of fuel to the engine at standardised timing and enable it to achieve high fuel efficiency. They are perfectly interchangeable to the OE injectors.


The engine power depends on the effective delivery of fuel. Three components have critical part in this regard: plunger and barrel, injector and pump. If either of them is damaged the power of the main engine will decrease. Any wear or defect to the plunger and barrel can lead to wrong injection timing and consequently poor combustion and subsequent damages. EFP provides durable and high-quality plunger barrel that enhance the power of engine through effective supply of fuel.


EFP delivery valve improves residual pressure in the injection line and effectively improve the injected spray pattern of the fuel without fuel dribble.


EFP is owned and managed by HDP Trading FZE. HDP is the supplier of heavy-duty diesel engine components and earthmoving machinery spare-parts. All the EFP fuel injection products are tested and verified by HDP quality control mechanism. (more)